Alberto González Vivo works on the vital energy, the sensation that stimuli produce in his senses is the source of inspiration for his work which begins in the deep perception and continues in a hard work of preparation of obsessive and detailed sketches. His work ranges from geometric abstraction and pop art and is influenced by his research on the production of artists Luis Tomasello, Julio Le Parc, Victor Vasarely, Martha Boto and Eduardo Moisset of Espanés, generative geometry artist and creator of the Centre for Plastic Mathematical Research of Argentina.
The use of light combined with geometric shapes and smart colours add balance to his work creating at the same time effects of great magnetism. Circles and squares of different dimensions freely inhabit weightless spaces displayed to the delight of the observers. This artist’s universe of painting explores in depth the power of color and forms. His plastic language expresses much more of what the artist feels and thinks and allows the viewer to go through the experience of intellectual and sensory pleasure.
By Grace Bayala (Art Curator)

Alberto Gonzalez Vivo is born on July 28, 1958 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
At an early age, Alberto begins to participate in art workshops to channel plastic stimuli and showing an early passion for drawing and painting. He conducts studies in Technical schools and universities. He later begins to display his art in various solo and group exhibitions in Buenos Aires when he is nearly 50 years old.

He also starts to participate in different Art Fairs such as Expotrastienda Buenos Aires, Red Dot Fair, Miami, Latin America Art Fair, Miami, as well as Eggo in Centro cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires.In early 2011 he is the first Argentine to have his work included in the prestigious on-line catalog Saatchi. After a few years and several works acquired by collectors in USA, Canada, Peru, UK, Hong Kong and Dubai, Alberto decides to move his works to Miami with the help of the Cristina Chacon Art Gallery & Studio. He presents his first exhibition in Miami in 2012.