Architect, teacher and painter Lorenzo Bocca was born in 1959 in Soresina (Cremona).

In 1976 he began an apprenticeship under Alberto Sartoris, a master of twentieth-century Rationalist architecture;

Bocca wrote the book “Alberto Sartoris, opere 1920/2985”, published by Turris, Cremona.

In the same year, in conjunction with other artists and architects, he founded the CASMIPAC (Circle of Alberto Sartoris, International Movement for a humanistic Presence in Constructed Art). With MADI artist Angelo Giuseppe Bertolio, Bocca worked on a series of architectural projects which were the fruit of collaboration between artist and architect Bocca subsequently carried out in-depth research on geometry in the works of Francesco Borromini.

This led him to the work of Giorgio Scarpa and to models of rotational geometry and observations on bionics, in particular the structure of the mouth of a sea urchin, and to a collaboration with Giuseppe Trogu (lecturer in design at San Francisco State University) for a reinterpretation of Scarpa’s Aristotle’s Lantern for the 2014 international “Living Machine” conference in Milan.

He is a member of the Astractura artistic movement, adhering to the fundamental principle that line is the minimum and irreducible element for the construction of a work of art. He has a triptych on permanent display in the Museum of Geometric and Madi Art in Dallas (Texas). He has published the book “Lorenzo Bocca”, sperimentare geometrie”, edited by Francesco pagliati, with Milanese gallery Scoglio di Quarto.