The colour fragments much like in a kaleidoscope are arranged to build imaginary landscapes. The artist defines himself as a colourist and regards most of his painting as experiments with colours. He believes the simplified shapes and structures are only there to support colours very much like a scaffold would do.

In 2016, in a small exhibition space with only two walls facing each other he began working on a copycat version of a painting. “Nothing will ever be the same again” is an installation that questions the futile and repetitive gesture of the painter and at the same time calls the attention of the observer. Later the process was extended to become the Diplopia series where two paintings very much alike would be displayed in the gallery walls next to each other. Repetition and dichotomy have become a central part in his artistic approach.

Patricio De Santa Coloma finds his inspiration in the works of Henri Matisse, Maurice de Vlaminck, Paul Klee, Per Kirkeby, among others

De Santa Coloma was born in 1967 in Buenos-Aires.
MA Master of Arts. London School of Printing / Ecole Supérieure de Création Industrielle, Les Ateliers (Paris)